Ultipower 24V 15A Smart Lead Acid Battery Charger

Ultipower 24V 15A Smart Lead Acid Battery Charger

Model No.︰FX

Brand Name︰FX

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Product Description

Ultipower 24V 15A Smart Lead Acid Battery Charger


Model 24V15A
Charging Rate 15A
Recommended Battery Capacity 75-150AH
Input Voltage 110VAC or 220VAC, 50-60HZ
Charging Voltage 29.4Vor adjust to battery's specification
Humidity 5-95% With package
Altitude ≤3000m,Work normally
High temperature ambient operating +40°C,Features OK
Low temperature ambient operating -20°C, Features OK
High temperature storage +70°C,Work normally after recovery under normal temperature for 2 hours
Low temperature storage -40°C,Work normally after recovery under normal temperature for 2 hours
Housing material Aluminum
Cooling Fan cooling
Charging mode Multi-stage (max 8)full automatic switch mode,(reverse) pulse charging
Appropriated Battery 24V lead acid battery,AGM,AGL,GEL,VRLA,SLA,FLOODED,WET
Dimensions 264*117*73mm
Weight 2.05kg (incl box)
Certification CE and RoHS

Main Features:

  1. Compact & Delicate & Energy Saving -- Switch Mode Tech

Small and light, as we adopt the switch mode technology or called Switching Power Supply technology. Compared withtraditional Linear Power technology, ours is more energy saving as more than 85% electric energy is transferred to battery chemical energy duringcharging process while traditional tech can onlytransfer 40%.The tech is suitable for all types of lead acid batteries (wet,flooded, maintenance free, VRLA, AGL,AGM, GEL, etc)as well as lithium, lipo batteries.

  1. Automatic-- MCU control

MCU system is applied. The whole charging process is monitored. Multi-stage charging automatically proceeds. No need for manual interference.
Automatically stops charging when the battery is full. You can leave the charger connected to the battery infinitelywithout the risk of overcharging.Once the battery is full, the charger monitors the battery's voltage intermittently. If battery's capacity decreases or voltage drops under set level, the charger can start again to charge battery to its full.

  1. Multi-stage charging-- full charge but never overcharge& save battery & save energy

Max 8 stage: pre-charging, soft charging, main charging (bulk charging), secondary charging, high constant voltage charging (absorption charging), 3-minute test, Float charging, End maintenance charging. 
This way can well transfer electricity into battery according to battery's absorption ability. On the one hand, save energy; on the other hand, protect battery from over-charging, therefore less gassing less temperature rising. Float charging and End maintenance charging also help protect battery and prolong its lifetime.

  1. Recover Battery Capacity--Pulse & Reverse Pulse Tech

Pulse and reverse pulse technology is applied. The charger generates pulseand reverse pulse to reduce battery'simpedance,gassing and temperature rise,restore the sulfate into liquid to recover battery capacity, therefore to prolong its lifetime. Pulse charging also can help charge fast and fully.Pulse Charging might not be applicable to Lithium, Lipo, Li-ion battery, which need constant current to charge.

  1. Digital Display& Indicator

Our charger has 4-digital display. 

Digital display will show battery'scharging voltage and current and error code and more informationFloating charging will have time count-down, so that user knows when battery can be ready.

Indicator lights can be added and defined as requested.

The display can be customized or re-defined.

  1. More Protection

Tester function: If battery has abnormal state, the charger will display error code and reminds User to check battery whether it is good or bad.

Polarity Protection:  Prevents the output leads from sparking due to accidental reverseconnection or short circuit.

Overcharge and Over-voltage Protection:  never worry about overcharging or over-voltage as charger automaticallystops when battery reaches set voltage or current.

Temperature Compensation:  There is temperature sensor to monitor charging environmentalor battery's temperature to tell MCU to adjust charging program for different temperature accordingly. This function allows our charger to charge battery to its full in whatever climate and seasons.(This function needs to know battery's relative parameter and so optional)

  1. Customization

We can change parameter to meet different applications. Make charger specifically for your battery.

  1. CE and RoHS

We have CE and RoHScertification.

9. Warranty
We design our charger for 3 years and offer one-year warranty.

Full range of our products: Output Current: 600mA to 30 A; Output Voltage: 6V to 72 V.
Ultipower 24V 15A Smart Lead Acid Battery Charger
Ultipower 24V 15A Smart Lead Acid Battery Charger
Ultipower 24V 15A Smart Lead Acid Battery Charger

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